Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Display Ideas

I thought I would share a few interesting display ideas that I saw at my last show. The first photo shown is a shoe shelf turned display. They are fairly cheap and it looks very professional. I also really like the second photo. Use a set of kitchen cooling racks. They are compactable and an awesome way to display kitchen related items, but you could experiment with different ways to use them. The last one, not shown, was a sweet, old fashioned, wall spice rack. It is another small, and easy to pack item that can help bring your product off the table. I loved the comment on the last post about using a styrofoam cooler to hang things! Keep sharing your ideas everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Shows are Upon Us

It is that time of year when we are all gearing up for spring shows. Something I see at every show I do, is at least 1 booth that is completely flat. All the items are laying on the table. If you find your booth looks something like that, do something about it! Displays in the making are everywhere, you just need to look in the right way. For us it was finding pear crates. I have seen people use trees to hang merchandise on, crates, I have some beautiful boxes from Victoria secret that I haven't incorporated yet. Be creative and dry your customers eye. Even if you find something less than perfect, you can always spruce it up with a fabric or paper overlay. When I am out at shows this year I am going to try to get shots of great displays to share with all of you. So, get inspired, and get out there and have a great show!