Monday, August 3, 2009

Rollingstone Days

A few of us had a fun time at the second annual Rollingstone Days festival in the tiny town of Rollingstone, Minnesota (along the MN/WI border just north of Winona.) Stena of CrazyBusy did a lot of the organizing for the craft vendors, and she did a wonderful job! Due to their good advertising it was a decent turnout for a new show in a tiny town. There were softball tournaments and a bunch of kids games nearby, and we all had a fairly succesful day. It was a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Being there with my little "model" I didn't get many pictures, but I at least snapped a few of our team's participants -

Here is Stena with her twin sister Nancy of Odin's Daughter selling Stena's upcycled purses and Nancy's Scandinavian-inspired items. I saw a couple of girls walking around with Stena's fun Capri-Sun zipper purses - what a cute idea!

Here I am (of TheHobbyRoom) with my daughter and all my tutu fluff and hair stuff. Baby was in a "no-nap" moodALL day, so I wasn't too organized this time as you can see by the random mess of my booth!

And here is a brand new member of our team, Kim of rEvolutionarie, with her mother-in-law Kathy. They make beautiful jewelry, and Kim makes some lovely unique vintage-style clothing as well. The two of them were wonderfully helpful neighbors to me at the show, and I look forward to having them join us for other events!

I can't believe I'm still blogging at almost 1am! Goodnight for now!


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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Sounds like ya'll had fun. I was disappointed I already had something schedule for that weekend and couldn't come over to meet everybody. I have a cabin/studio space in SE Minnesota but never seem to get enough time to get to other events in the area.